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My angry birds games - the story

Before you play a good quality angry birds game you should at least know the story behid it. Once upon a time there was an island. And on that island there was so much beauty and tranquility among all living things that one could say it was a little piece of heaven. And on this island lived the Pigs and the Birds. Two different families that lived in harmony for the most part…Who’s kidding who! If you take a tour on Piggy Island, a bird by the name of Mighty Eagle will explain the in’s-and-outs of the mischievous that take place here. Being the oldest bird on the island, Mighty Eagle lives in a cave but takes orders from “Red”; the big and bossy leader of the flock. Piggy Island has a variety of different climates and tundra’s and various landscapes. There are different areas such as the Bearded Forest and Cornucopia Woods. It is said that the Bearded Forest although very difficult to navigate through and that the bad pigs don’t like to visit very often; they have the best berries on the island. Because of the three eggs that are most precious to the flock of birds and are guarded at all times; the pigs have made it a necessity to cause havoc and are constantly trying to confiscate these eggs that are our entire existence. The reason for the rival between the pigs and the birds all resides on these three eggs. The size of the pig is how their nation establishes its hierarchy. The King Pig ate so many bird eggs that he became so enormous that he is banking on getting these last three eggs from the birds. There are many different types of pigs in the fortified Pig City. The King is the only one that can eat the eggs and the other pigs must rely on grass and anything else they can find. Not only are the minions the dumbest of the pack but there are so many of them that they are the eggs biggest threat. Because King Smooth Cheeks has never really eaten eggs; his main priority is to have his army seek them out so that he can remain king of the pigs.

In the beginning starting out back in 2003, Rovio Entertainment, worked on projects through the work for hire method. It was not until 2009 when the organization decided to work on interior ventures. Even though they had numerous groups coming up with refined concepts and strategies about the game, it was only a screenshot of an Angry Bird character, mostly a feathered friend without arms, rolling on the earth; that had motivated the originators and later end up becoming the inexpensive, later free to download Angry Birds mobile pastime.

While it is at no time certain as to why and how a recreation became so widespread as the free to download Angry Birds Games did, the most likely cause is a accurate mixture of features and flawless planning. Due to its picture-perfect timing and at the time value of only $0.99, the now free to download Angry Birds Games swiftly stood out from most games due to its addictive game play and humble, stimulating witty creatures. Gratifying both unexpected and committed gamer's due to its disposition, the fame of the mobile game remains to develop as the corporation continually modernizes it with stimulating content and new headings in it as well.

From the millions of dollars that this one particular game amazingly received; angry birds games have ventured out into many different epics. For example angry birds range from titles such as: Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Halloween HD, Angry Birds Heroic Rescue, Angry Birds Space Xmas, Angry Birds Star Wars, Angry Birds Star Wars 2, Angry Birds Transformers and many more that haven't been mentioned. There are tons of fun filled facts about the angry birds games also. The following information shows some fun and exciting things that most probably know, but for others like myself I found interesting.

And now some fun facts about angry birds

Fun Fact #1:
Did you know that the angry birds are the world’s most addictive games of all time.

Fun Fact #2:
Did you know that angry birds was developed for just over $106,000.

Fun Fact #3:
Did you know that the pig was picked as the Bird’s enemy because of a Swine Flu outbreak during the time of development.

Fun Fact #4:
Did you know that the app sales on the iPad was over 7 million! This does not include apps from android and other available devices.

Fun Fact #5:
Did you know that the most popular Angry Bird character is the Black for his power to blow things up and the Yellow for his speed.

Fun Fact #6:
Did you know that Mighty Eagle is the biggest bird of them all.

Fun Fact #7:
Did you know that angry birds are smart phone game that fifty two episodes had been developed without attaining significant commercial success.

Fun Fact #8:
Did you know that the angry birds had been developed by four software Engineers who took eight months to complete this task.

Fun Fact #9:
Did you know that over twenty different kinds of Angry Birds products are sold online at Amazon.

Fun Fact #10:
Did you know that Peter Vesterbacker, the official spokesman of Angry Birds, is nicknamed ‘The mighty Eagle’ after one of Angry birds’ characters.

Fun Fact #11:
Did you know that upon its launch the Android application beta for angry birds sold more than one and a half million copies in a fortnight making it one of the most popular smart phone game’s.

Fun Fact #12:
Did you know that the immense popularity of angry birds has inspired Rovio mobile to come up with the design and develop two new games inspired from the original concept of Angry Birds. These games are Angry birds Rio and Angry birds Seasons.

Fun Fact #13:
Did you know that there are over 20 Angry Birds currently in the market.

Fun Fact #14:
Did you know that during its inception one of the testers of the Angry birds game was so bad that he was nicknamed ‘Rovio killer’ by the its software developers.

Fun Fact #15:
Did you know that angry birds fans include public figures as diverse as David Cameron, Paul Gascoigne, Kylie Minogue, Conan O’Brien and Jon Hamm.